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    You saved lives

    Thanks to caring people like you and our generous matching sponsor, Vancouver BMW Ducati, we raised $16,775 to help refugees around the world.

    Your donations have supported the work of four charities helping refugees right now.

    How is my donation helping right now?

Video courtesy of MSF

Although we are no longer matching donations, the crisis is far from over, and many are still in critical need. Donate directly to these four selected charities to provide life-saving aid.

Photo credit: © Gabriele François Casini / Médecins sans Frontières

the impact

How $16,755 Can
Make A Difference

* Based on cost estimates provided by Save the Children and the Canadian Red Cross.

10 Families
  • Shelter kits, including sleeping bags, tents and flashlights for 10 families
  • From Europe to the Middle East, refugees are bracing for a winter chill. With temperatures as low as minus 10 degrees Celsius, shelters, clothes and blankets are desperately needed.
100 children
  • Nutritious meals for a week, including milk and bread, for 100 refugee children
  • 51% of refugees are under 18 years old — the highest figure for child refugees in more than a decade.
25 families
  • Food for two months for 25 families, who had to flee from conflict
200 Families
  • Can provide 1000 gallons of drinking water for 200 families fleeing their home
  • The lack of clean water and sanitation in crowded, makeshift refugee settlements is an urgent concern. Diseases like cholera and polio can easily spread. Water supply is as low as 30 litres per person per day — one-tenth of what the average American uses.
15 communities
  • 1,200 jerry cans to transport and store vital fresh water, equally divided between 15 vulnerable communities
92 Families
  • Diapers, wipes and supplies to keep children clean and healthy, for 92 families

“You are an important part of the work of MSF and we are grateful for your gifts. Through your support, you are providing medical relief to people in crisis, telling them that they are cared for and they have not been forgotten.“

Doctors without Borders has rescued over 18,447 people in distress at sea since May 2, 2015 and assisted a further 1,196 others with safe passage to Italy (after they were rescued by other boats)
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Photo credit: © Erwan Rogard/MSF
Video courtesy of MSF


“CARE has been on the ground assisting refugees (as well as their host communities) and displaced Syrians since the conflict began four years ago and we will be there until the end, thanks to the support of humanitarians like you. Thank you.”

Care has reached more than 400,000 people in Jordan, 158,000 people in Lebanon and 750,000 people inside Syria. Care provides help to refugees in Beirut, Mount Lebanon and Tripoli to meet their most pressing needs, mainly water, sanitation, shelter and cash assistance.


“On behalf of Save the Children and all the children we serve, we want to express our heartfelt thanks."

Thanks to the generous support, our teams on the ground will be able to help children who have made a life-threatening journey to Europe in the hopes of finding safety.
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Video courtesy of Save the Children

“It is through your support and kindness that the Canadian Red Cross is able to comfort our vulnerable neighbours in a crisis. Whatever struggle they have been facing – your gift has meant they have not faced it alone.”

Red Cross has sent 5,000 cots and blankets, deployed 26 aid workers, and contributed financial assistance to support relief operations in Europe. Their aid workers and volunteers are providing first aid, health care and psychosocial support.

Photo credit: © Achilleas Zavallis / Courtesy of Médecins sans Frontière

Giving to causes you care about, and knowing that you are making a difference right now, feels good.
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A big ‘thank you’ to our generous matching sponsor! Throughout September and October, Vancouver BMW Ducati matched every dollar you gave up to $100 per donation.